The soft touch of a rose! Meet our Bhakti Pink

Pink is associated with feelings of of peace, compassion, and love. It is also the color of femininity and nurturing, as well as understanding.

Also representative of the 4th Chakra - Anahata - Heart. Pink is the color of universal love. Emotional love of self and others , friendship, affection, harmony, inner peace, has both fire and air elements. Gentle, Casual and Approachable.


Bhakti (loosely translated in English as Devotion), in Sanskrit, means no Vibhaktham (detachment) from the highest energy of the universe. The term Bhakti (Devotion) comes from the root 'Bhaj' which means to be attached to GOD. Bhakti is intense devotion and supreme attachment to GOD. Such true love is called devotion.


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